Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sorry for the delay in posting

Was kinda burned out this past few months, and took some time off. Took my daughter to some swimming lessons which was essential, as she unfortunately has no fear of water. Working less nowadays too, which will allow me more time to train. I've got my race calendar set for the first part of the year. I will be racing the road race...the Oxbow Classic here, one of the most painful events I've ever done in mid april. 18 mile circuit race, with a monster hill. Closed to cars in the winter, as it is too steep, it is about a 1/3rd of a mile long, and has a gradient of between 19 and 20%. My HR approached 190 last time I did it, and when I reached the top of the hill, I saw the whole world spin and start to turn black, I fell off the bike and threw up twice....GREAT RACE. Can't wait to do that again.

Upcoming races will also include an Olympic length triathlon on June 27th, 1.5K swim, 40K bike, and 10K run. Hope to break 2:50. http://www.winmultisportevents.com/

After that doing a Half Ironman, Chisago, 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. Can't wait for that, although, I will have to substantially increase my training this winter and into the spring. http://www.midwestsportsevents.com/events.php?EventID=4

I am also thinking about another Half Ironman later in the summer, and early in the fall.

My daughter is the light of my life, and I will try to post a pic here as well.

Today was a good workout:

Swim: 7 x100m in pyramid with crescendo/de-crescendo effort. 4 x50m workouts/drills.
then 500m continuous at slow steady pace. 3 beat breathing pattern.

Run: Colder, very windy today, so only ran 3 miles with 4:00/half mile pace alternating with 4:30/half mile pace as well.

Well, have to work in the ER tomorrow, and unfortunately on turkey day as well.

Here's a gratuitous pic of my little angel....