Sunday, December 14, 2008

Long Day

29 patients, 12 hours.....extensive work ups. Cardioverted two patients, had one STEMI, and another that I had to intubate with the WORST parapharyngeal abcess I have seen in my entire career. Add to that a horrible intracerebral hemmorhage that was so bad there could be no possible recovery...guess who got to tell the family. You know, I've told countless patients over the years that they have some horrendous diagnosis such as metastatic cancer, and have had to tell families in the past that their loved one cannot, or could not be'd think that at some point you get more comfortable with it, or develop some level of confidence with it.......but don't. It BAD, everytime. Glad to be done with that shift...

On a study note, I am about to piss off most of our primary care department, and many of the primary care MD's are close friends. I'm wrapping up an access study that does not reflect kindly on them. Maybe I should wear a kevlar vest to work for a while. LOL.

My daughter is only 2 and half, and is starting to color coordinate EVERYTHING. Add to that, the fact that she is now judging every other kids outfit at daycare, and I think that I might be in some serious trouble down the road.......Ugh.

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