Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trip Home with my Daughter

SO, I decide to take my 3 year old daughter home last week for a family reunion. Let me tell you folks, a 12 hour car ride BY YOURSELF with a 3 year old is not something to be taken lightly. She did so, SO good though. She truly was Daddy's big little girl. She loved being at the farm and seeing my mom, and at the tender age of 3, rode a horse for the first time BY HERSELF. Last year, she'd sit on the saddle, but only if mom or dad were with her. For those that are wondering, my wife's brother is terminal with stage IV adenoca of the lung, and her father is also quite ill as well. She does not have much leave from work currently, and decided to stay home to save leave.

I will say that having a 3 year old cry, and scream that they have to "GO POTTY" while you are stuck in construction with no exits anywhere in sight is a new experience for me.

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