Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Football is upon us....

It's the first sign of the coming autumn. Football is here. THANK god, I love football, I love everything about football. My beloved Cleveland Browns will hopefully not suck TOO badly, and my fantasy team seems decent.

Can't wait, for brats, beer, and chips/pretzels. But what I really miss.....

I really miss playing football. I was discussing this the other night with a nurse at work, and she asked me why. That's easy, I miss the pain. I miss the contact. There was nothing better in this world than watching a wide receiver come across the middle and go up for a ball...I was a free safety...and then to make the hit, and make it so hard, to stick it, to actually feel his wind being expelled from his lungs and watch him hit the ground hard is a feeling that is hard to replace.

I never wanted to injure anyone, and no one I knew, or played for wanted to see that either. But to smack someone REALLY hard, and make them think twice about where you were the next time they were running a route was a great feeling. I even liked getting smacked myself. I remember once getting ready to nail a wide reciever coming across the middle from the right side, and I didn't see the tight end coming from the other side. I got smacked...knocked about 10 yards..I loved it.

I really miss the contact....the only thing that might compare is drunken kickboxing, but that is a WHOLE nother story.

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