Monday, September 28, 2009

Democrats killing health reform...

There are so many people who are absolutely convinced that the republicans are killing healthcare reform. This usually makes me laugh a little, because, while they have certainly not been very helpful, the republican minority has very little real power currently, and are really bystanders in this whole affair. The REAL problem is the democrats. In particular the blue dogs who control a certain amount of power within both the house and senate, and are staunchly against the public option.

The real problem for Obama lies in what to do. He could choose to ram something through with reconciliation, although many on both sides would likely cry foul. If he succumbs and doesn’t pass a real, substantive healthcare reform bill, then he will alienate many of the more liberal democrats who strongly supported him. He ran on “Change”. The bills currently are not change. The WH hands off approach is not change.

The Baucus bill currently sits with 564 proposed amendments. It will likely not survive in any recognizable form. This article below describes what is happening. Schumer and Rockefeller are prroposing an amendment to include a public option, but Conrad and Baucus have already indicated that they will vote against it. Reid is calling on Obama to act as a referee for the senate sausage procedure, and the House leadership is stating that they will not even consider passing any legislature without a public option.

This is in the midst of RAPID escalations in healthcare spending, and significant growth in the ranks of uninsured thanks to a Wall Street induced recession.

Too bad, we could maybe actually fix something, but I really don’t think Congress is capable of doing the right thing here.

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ERP said...

Well, I agree. However, I think it is better to get something passed just to get a foot in the door. Once benefits are given, it is very hard to take them away. Modifications can be made in the future....