Saturday, April 10, 2010

Academic Medicine....

Most of you know that I live, work, and practice in Minnesota....which has one of the most liberal practice acts for PA's. I can prescribe Sched II-V, and basically do pretty much anything as long as it is allowed in my practice agreement, and is within my physicians practice standards. In EM, that covers a lot.

However, I also practice in an academic environment, which I enjoy for the most part, however, there are some detractions as well. I get to precept MS III's and IV's, and teach the residents occasionally, but too often, procedures will get passed to the residents. Not LP's of course, as I have done more of those than I ever care to think about, but chest tubes, intubations, and central lines often get re-assigned to the residents. I understand that they need to complete so many, as part of their training, but sometimes I like to do those things as well. At my other ER's I occasionally do them, and as I usually tell PA students, knowing WHEN, and WHY you want, or need to do these procedures is 1000 times more important than actually doing them.

I'm also heavily vested in research, particularly physician/medical workforce issues.

Occasionally, however, my faith is rewarded. Recently I got to do an elective cardioversion in the ED. Propofol sedation, Fentanyl, 100 joules biphasic, and BAM....NSR.

At another ER, I recently had to intubate someone as well. So, while the opportunities may be more limited than some of the EM PA's who work in non academic environments, I am for the most part, happy as a clam at mine.

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