Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angry Bear...

Hi all,

As you've noticed, I have been somewhat lax in my responses, and in my upkeep of this little part of my life. It was not intentional. Over the past period of time, I have been writing extensively, serving on an AAPA council (Leadership and Professional Development), speaking frequently on health policy and reform, conducting 3 different workforce research studies (although, admittedly, two are still in the developmental stage), trying to conceive a mathematical healthcare workforce model accounting for all variables (a request from powers that be), functioning as the guest health policy contributor to "Angry Bear" which is top Wall Street economics blog, and I was recently asked to represent our national Emergency Medicine PA group with respect to legislative affairs.

In short, I've been busy. No disrespect, no excuse. Just an explanation.

(OH, and I've been asked to possibly contribute a chapter to a major economic policy book on health policy this year)

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