Monday, January 5, 2009

Dusty Guitar

Ahhh...looked at some of my old beauties last night. Haven't picked up any of them for some time. I actually played guitar for what seems like forever, I started as a teenager, and then alternated between bartending gigs, and playing in heavy metal bands to pay my way through undergrad. Haven't heard a song in a LONG time that made me want to play again..but then I heard this song:

Well, sat down to learn to play it, and right away, I knew he was playing in a different tuning. SO I started with a drop D....then tried DADGAD......but NO.....he's playing it in a DROP C......dayyyumm. Took me about an 2 hours to figure it all out, but a good hour of that was changing the strings (locking tremolo) and then figuring out the tuning. Definitely like this tune.....

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