Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long Swim Day

Ughh, Hard to believe it's been a week already, my workout plans entail swimming four days weekly, but today was my LONG swim day.

4500 meters. 3 miles. almost 2 hours in the pool...

I'm a tired boy.

Started with a 500m warmup....just to get loose, slow and easy. Then, ramped it up with intervals of 50m hard, 100 easy. After that, did a pyramid starting with 25 on 10 seconds, then up to 200m, and back down. After which, did some "total immersion" drills, and kickboarded for a little while. then 2000m continuous at a moderate to intense pace, and then 200 meter cool down.

Now I have to go run a short 3 miles today too.....Going to sleep well tonight.


The Happy Hospitalist said...

three mile swim? That's impressive

physasst said...

Not really, it was only the mile and a half that was continuous, the rest was just some attempt to make my slow butt somehow faster.

It's the offseason, so the other 3 days are pretty light swims, all less than 1000m. Come March I'll start really ramping everything up again. I still wanted to keep my long swim day the same, so as not to lose too much base going into the season.

physasst said...
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Nurse K said...

Funny, I was going to comment: "Is this written by Happy Hospitalist?"