Friday, May 1, 2009

Changes to blog...

As my career evolves, so does this little piece of my life. I have now enacted comment moderation. It was suggested to me when I started doing this, to be very provocative, and to post controversial ideas. I will try to continue to do so, but I will be certainly taming down some of my more inflammatory comments. I have been as guilty as anyone in the past. I have enacted the comment moderation, mainly in order to ensure, and hopefully maintain very civil, thoughtful discourse.

We have a range of problems in our healthcare community, we have needs that are many, and many that have not even been adequately defined yet. I want this blog to evolve into a place where PA's, NP's, and even MD's can come and discuss difficult, and sometimes thought provoking commentary on health reform and policy.

I am spending more and more of my time in this arena, and I have decided to post my name on this blog as well.

My career is continuing to rise, I was just asked to possibly accept an appointment with the Mayo Medical School giving some talks/presentations on Health Policy to the medical students.

I look forward to continuing to have more fruitful discussions of healthcare reform, policy, and healthcare economics. With the occasional patient story thrown in as well.

Best Regards,

Michael Halasy, MS, PA-C

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