Monday, June 1, 2009

Shamu must die!

So, in San Diego, at the conference, I managed to sneek away a few times for a little family time. My daughter, at the tender age of 3, wanted to go to Sea World, which was really cool.

We not only watched the Shamu show, but had "Lunch with Shamu", which for the rather exorbitant price tag should have had prime rib served with a nice bottle of wine, but instead we got a cafeteria style meal, and watched giant orcas swim about us.
This was all fine, fun was had by one and all. A monument, an image in time.

HOWEVER, she has not stopped talking about Shamu now. Like constantly. For days on end. Like to the point where I have been begun to formulate an imaginative strategy for his demise. I am now living in that fantastical world of imagery, and hyperbole. Shamu, your days are numbered my friend.

At least, I hope they are in my household.


ERP said...

Take her to the zoo - she will transfer her obsession to the Praire Dogs or something!

Michael Halasy, MS, PA-C said...

We did take her to the zoo too. To be honest, it was kind of a let down, and compared to Sea World, was kinda meh.

. said...

I sense a future Marine Biologist on your hands ...