Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aging.....Not liking it


So I am "officially" old now.

I was a friends wedding a couple weeks ago back home, and one day, when I was at my family's farm with my wife and daughter, everyone is hungry, and becoming crabby.

Well, the only real option near the farm is a McDonalds. I go there, and surprise, my 17 year old niece is working. She is very nice to me as I go through the drive thru...apparently, after I left. Her manager came over and asked, "Shaynna, why were you hitting on that old guy". Yeah, that was nice. Of course, my wife had to tell all my friends.

Then I return home, and go to see the eye doctor. I've been getting headaches for about 6 months, and found that I was holding papers farther and farther from my face. Yep...

I needed reading glasses. In fact, I've needed them for some time.

Nice.....I hate getting old.

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